Psychosomatik Praxis
Wir helfen Ihnen Ihre Körpersprache besser zu verstehen

Ms Pia McMahon

Swiss Certified Psychotherapist

Analyst C.G. Jung

Psychologist FSP  

Together we are on the way and I accompany you with my professional background, my experience as a person and with my value for each individual life. To strengthen self-compassion, the perception of mind and body and their reactions and resources will enhance the quality of life. This will open up possibilities to find more sense in life and to use more creativity to deal with critical life events and problems, illness and difficult relationships in private and professional life.


At the beginning the exploration of methods and techniques will lead the way in which the personality will find space to unfold. To cope with life and feel ground, which sometimes gets lost will be the focus of working together. The ability to feel ground again in its concrete and symbolic meaning is important to feel safe: in oneself, with ambient factors and in relationships. Once humans feel safe and are present, they are able to feel more relatedness and connection to oneself, in relationships, to others and the environment - depending on the individual goal. The nervous system responds in general and provides the basis for change.


Besides interventions from Schema Therapy and mindful training to support behavioral change, I include the unconscious and its resources. Symbols in dreams, fairy tales, painted pictures, imaginations and in complex relationships are giving hints for possible solutions and new paths. They come up within oneself or through the therapeutic and analytical process. A trustful therapeutic relationship, elements from different Body Therapies and Focusing complete my applied methods. 

Professional experience 


C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich as Member of Board of Training Sector

Since 2014 

Swiss Certified Licence in Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis; Teaching at C.G. Jung Institute, Küsnacht and ISAP Zurich

Since 2013

Psychosomatic Practice Dr. med. Gosztonyi, Zurich


Practice Dr. med. Palézieux, Zurich Psychotherapy in Delegation



International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne as Analyst Personal Development Elective (PDE)


Center of Psychiatry Rheinau


Clinic Schloessli, Oetwil am See


Sunrise, Zurich as Program and Release Manager


 Accenture, Zurich/Hamburg as Consultant and Manager

Qualification and Further Education


Qualification as Analyst and Psychotherapist C.G. Jung Institute, Küsnacht

Since 2012

Different clinical further educations in Schema Therapy, Body Focused Therapy, Focusing by Gendlin, Somatic Experiencing (Intro), SOMA Embodiment.


Further education in Dialectic-Behavioral-Therapy (DBT) by Marsha Linehan and in Psychodynamic Trauma Therapy (PITT) by Luise Reddemann


Creative Writing, iak Munich


Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), NIK Bremen


Trainer Integrated Relaxationtraining, NIK Bremen


Diploma in Psychology, University of Bremen (Germany)


Treatment focus

Affective disorders – Burn Out, Depressive Exhaustion


Psychosomatic reactions

Reactions to severe stress and adaption problems

Personality structure and maladaptive behavior within relationships

Eating disorders and comorbid addictions

Post-traumatic stress